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Cockapoo Puppies

Our Cockapoo Puppies are always First Generation (F1) Cockapoo pups

Miniature Country Doodles

Exclusive to Pets in the Country is our Miniature Country Doodles.

Country Retriever Puppies

This is a breed that we fell in love with many years ago.

Golden Doodles (Mini / Medium)

Our First Generation Miniature Golden Doodles are a result of a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Minature Poodle.

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Client Question

Have questions about Pets in the Country’s services or dog breeds? Check out our comprehensive FAQs page for answers to all your queries. 

Your puppy will need 2nd vaccinations 4 weeks after 1st vaccinations (we will provide you with that date) 3rd vaccinations are due 4 weeks after 2nd vaccinations. Rabies vaccinations are due when the pup is 16 weeks old.

Each pup comes with first vaccinations, deworming, parasite treatments, microchip and a 2 year Health Guarantee.

Your puppy could get car sick – bring paper towels and an extra blankie.

lightweight collar (6-8″) and leash
  Wire crate (with divider) suitable for your pet when full grown.
  Puppy food 
  Treats – small, soft puppy treats for training
  Chew toys and soft toys
  Grooming supplies – brush / toothbrush
  Food / water bowls
When you pick up your pup we will provide you with a microchip number.
or google “how do I register my pet microchip in Ontario” for more options.

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