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Your puppy thinks he/she is playing but this is never acceptable.

He/she needs to be corrected immediately and often.

Try holding your puppy and entice him/her to nip at your fingers.

Every time he/she does give a loud, angry “Yelp”

Keep “setting him up” to do this correcting every time.

Eventually your puppy will understand that this is NOT acceptable.

When you can “set him up” and he does NOT nip or play bite than give him a nice pat on the head, with a GOOD Boy / Girl.

Everyone in the family has to go through this process for your puppy to understand it is not acceptable for anyone.

As with any insurance this is a personal decision. If you do obtain Pet insurance please be very careful to read the “fine print” and read all the reviews in detail.

Your puppy will need 2nd vaccinations 4 weeks after 1st vaccinations (we will provide you with that date) 3rd vaccinations are due 4 weeks after 2nd vaccinations. Rabies vaccinations are due when the pup is 16 weeks old.

Each pup comes with first vaccinations, deworming, parasite treatments, microchip and a 2 year Health Guarantee.

Your puppy could get car sick – bring paper towels and an extra blankie.

lightweight collar (6-8″) and leash
  Wire crate (with divider) suitable for your pet when full grown.
  Puppy food 
  Treats – small, soft puppy treats for training
  Chew toys and soft toys
  Grooming supplies – brush / toothbrush
  Food / water bowls
When you pick up your pup we will provide you with a microchip number.
or google “how do I register my pet microchip in Ontario” for more options.

I encourage everyone to find a vet BEFORE you need a Vet. In cases of emergency it is best to have a good, qualified, dependable and trustable vet available.

Word of Mouth is the best method of finding a reputable vet. Ask friends, neighbours and coworkers for referrals. Ask specifically why they like their vet.

Find a convenient location – close by is not always the best. Great Vets are worth the drive.

Comparison Shop. There can be a wide price variation between vets.

Make a short list and visit the clinics – arrive early, sit in the waiting room and look for a well-organized office.

Check out the range of services and treatment areas

Ask specific questions on what happens in case of emergency. Is there after hours clinic?

Your puppy may (and should) play with other pets. Be sure that the pet they are interacting with has had all vaccinations.

Keep puppies away from common areas where other pets play until after 3rd vaccinations.   Ie: doggie parks.

 A pet should stay on puppy food for the first year. After that they should transition to adult food.

We recommend staying with the recommended puppy food for at least a month. If you wish to change it after that slowly introduce the new food in with the old.

It is important to comb / brush daily especially in the first few months.  This gets the pup used to grooming.  Poodle mix (Doodles and Cockapoos) will need to be groomed (haircut) every 6-8 weeks.
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